The Jamison

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"The Biggest Waste of Talent in Pool" - Jamison Neu

If you know Jamison, you know how proud he is of this statement - as uttered by a world-reknowned case-maker that shall remain nameless, at least until he lets us know he wants the credit. If you don't know Jamison, we suggest you try and get to know him. 

You can find him at various billiards events around the country, such as the Super Billiards Expo. Or laying beautiful wood floors. He's a top-notch, world-class a**hole, and he's pretty damn good at trickshots and artistic pool! While quite capable of stringing racks together, his true talent lies in dazzling you with his cue ball mastery and masse shots while he entertains you with his antics and slightly opinionated rantings. He's a helluva guy, he probably could've been someone - but, as someone once said, he's "The biggest waste of talent in pool" 

A portion of all proceeds from this shirt will go to help support Jamison and his habits.